Why Does my Uploaded YouTube Video have no Sound?

YouTube is one of the largest libraries of videos available on the internet. And the best part is that all the features of YouTube are user-managed. Users can upload a video for everyone to see. But at times, you may encounter a few issues on your YouTube channel when you are unable to receive any sound. If a video is playing and you are not hearing any sound, then it is a cause of concern. The issue is probably with your computer or browser, you have to find out and resolve it. 
Here are the things you can do when there is no sound on some YouTube videos.
How to YouTube Sound Issue
Here are the things you can try when YouTube sound not working at all. 
Check the Volume on your System – Whenever there is a sound issue on your computer whether it is related to YouTube or system player, you must check the system sound first. This could be the main reason why YouTube is not playing any sound on your Chrome browser. So, go to the system sound from the bottom and ensure it is turned on properly. 
Check the Browser Issues – If you are getting a ‘YouTube no sound Chrome’ issue, check the YouTube volume first. Look at the bottom left of the YouTube player to check if the player is muted or not. If not, then you have to look at the Chrome tab and check if the tab is muted or not.