Why Can't I Send Attach Files in Gmail?

Gmail, we all know how well known this email service provider is. It has given all of its users so many benefits that nobody will ever think about switching their email accounts. However, just like the rest of the email service providers, Gmail also has some problems with its server or sometimes the problem can be internal too, nothing is perfect all the time, there are times when you might wonder why your account suddenly stopped working or even worse. These are very small and common issues. One or the other time everyone has gone through this phase and trust me I know how irritating it might feel. 
Nevertheless, in today‚Äôs article we will help you solve the issues with the email attachment. According to many users, they have been complaining that they are unable to either open a mail with attachment or they are unable to attach files in Gmail. First of all, you need to remember that there is a limited capacity for almost everything, so if you are sending an attachment with a file which is very heavy or too long, then trust me you may need to cut it short to send it properly as this can be the reason cannot attach files in Gmail. Similarly, if you are unable to open a mail with attachment then most likely this is the only reason. 
However, see the below points to resolve the issue:
1. Fix your internet connectivity
2. Clear your cache
3. Reload the browser
4. Check your server settings
5. Keep in mind the maximum size of an attachment
Thus, if you take these points into consideration then you may resolve the issue quickly.