What to Do If you Forgot your Outlook Password?

Are you using the Outlook email for all your professional work? If so, then you are in great hands as Outlook offers all kinds of features required from a professional email service provider. 
But what happens when you forget the password of the Outlook email. It is not like that you can retrieve forgotten outlook passwords without any trouble. Well, you will have to reset the Outlook password and create a new one. 
What to do if you forgot your outlook password?
If you don’t have access to an alternate email, then you have to use the mobile number method for verification. 
  • Open Outlook.com in your favorite web browser and then click on the Forgot my Password link from the login form. 
  • Now, enter the email address in the field and click on the Next to open the verification methods. 
  • Select one to get a code on your mobile number, retrieve the code, and then enter it into the verify box. 
  • Now, click on the Next button to proceed further in the process of password reset. 
  • Enter the new password in the given field and then confirm it and then click on the Save button as well. 
This way, you can easily create a new password for Outlook without much trouble. However, you can log in to Online Geeks to know more about the process or how you can verify through the email address and all.
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