What is A Phone Extension? And what Are the Advantages of Phone Extensions?

An extension is a three to Six-digit number that identifies a specific call path configuration that permits you to dial and connect to another caller internally. This is not a DID phone number but an internal extension. Outside callers can reach you by dialing your organization’s main phone number directly followed by the intended party’s extension. The phone number extension has many features provided by our VoIP service platform for small businesses to support your call center objectives for excellent customer experiences. These features have unlimited extensions for your business telephone number and company phone system. You have an option of choosing extensions, including the number of digits in the extensions. Callers can directly dial by extension or use the speed dial features.
Below are the advantages of phone number extensions:
  • Multiple Connection Options 
you can use the phone number extension to connect your team with customers whether it is a business landline at a call center or an iPhone or android.
  • More Accessibility
Customers can reach their intended point of contact much faster than having to use a directory menu, waiting for a receptionist, or getting stuck with voicemail.
  • Value-Added Service
This gives a wealth of tools to enhance customer and employee relationships.
  • Made For Remote Teams
They may not want their customers to know how their staff is deployed around the world, so the number extension seamlessly connects everyone through the main number and transfers them to local numbers.