What Is A Good Motivational Quote?

Muslim culture is a unification of all the cultures .we consider Islam as the religion which is practised by the Muslim community and it was introduced to the society by Mohmmad who was supposed to be the prophet of the almighty “Allah”. Now it is a saying that if you wish to attain moksha then spirituality is the best way to do so . One who has attained spirituality is free from every materialistic bar . This blog will give you all a clear understanding on the inspirational Islamic quotes and saying quotes on life . There could be no better book than Islam if you really wish to learn the ways to live your life with happiness and peace at the same time .
I will start by listing out a few Islamic quotes about life, these are a few quotes that would change your life for sure .
1. Be good to others, that will protect you against evil .
2. Aperson does not have an understanding of the religion of Islam until he thinks of a hardship as being a blessing, and comfort and luxury as being a tribulation.
3. Do not sell your conscience for anything but Jannah.
These are the few sayings you may consider to experience a fruitful life in the long run .
I would tell you to learn about love from Allah from the holy Islam . Beneath I m listing out few love quotes in Islam , make sure you give it a good read for better understanding on the same.
1. The prophet said when a man loves his brother ,he should tell him that he loves him .
2. It was narrated from ibn abbas that the messenger of Allah said “there is nothing like marriage , for two who love one another .
This blog is going to give you a lot of knowledge on Islam and spirituality . Don’t miss out on anything , have a good read .