Is Yahoo Messenger Coming Back?

Communication has always been a priority for each one of us to express our views since all of us are social animals. Now the situation in the covid worsened and eventually, lockdown changed the life of each one of us. Where we have no way of social interaction, then switching to online media was the only option left. internet media kept us alive during this hard time. Whereas Yahoo messenger was the only means to chit-chat with our peers, being one of the finest in the market. So, a few days back one of the users asked me if Yahoo messengers are back
Did you all know that there was a time when millions of users would use Yahoo messenger, but since the new products started featuring in the market, Yahoo decided to close its live chat room. Whereas in the future they came up with a new version of Yahoo messenger. The new version was much loved by the users, but it was not as successful as the previous one. Because of the fact, there were products in the market people did not pay heed to the latest Yahoo version. And sadly, its comeback was not a good one.