How To Unlock Facebook Account When It Is Temporarily Locked?

Assume that you lost a friend and then one day you wanted to install the Facebook account, through it you are getting connected to your old friend that you have lost their contact with earlier, then is it a good app? 
Think that the job of a person is to create a fake ID and then spoil the reputation of others, then what would you say this as? The bad app right?
We can’t conclude that it is bad or good, it is based on the person who uses it. So ‘Facebook temporarily locked’ can be due to the bad usage of the app or when you are not following the guidelines that are set by Facebook. 

Reasons You Might Lockout of Facebook Account: 
  • In case if your account has some illegal activity then there is a chance for your account to be locked out.
  • When your comments are abusive or the content that you posted was abusive. 
  • Authentication of Facebook is a mandatory step when you do not follow it.
  • When you exceed the number of friend requests that you can send.
How to Unlock A Facebook Account?
Method 1: After you identify that your account has been locked, then do not open your account for 48-96 hrs, that is for 2-4 days. You do not try in any way to get your Facebook account locked
After the above said days, clear all the cache, history, and cookies from your browser or app whichever you are using, and then sign in again. 
Method 2: 
  • Go to the help contact of Facebook and then in the required box fill your email address or phone number. 
  • Then type the full name (at the time of registration). 
  • Then you have to click on the choose file and then click on your ID.
  • Finally, click on the send button.
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