How to Fix Not Loading Animeultima App?

Whenever we want to watch movies and cartoons, we can easily get their movies, web series, shows, videos etc. for free from various paid and free platforms, however, when it comes to anime, there are very few and limited options to choose from. There are very few websites where anime videos are present and even if they are, there are very few of them or incomplete videos or very few to choose from.
But you need not be disappointed, if you are an anime lover, then Anime ultima is the place for you. It is a place where you can watch your favorite anime videos online and that too without paying anything. Nowadays, several alternatives to Animeultima are present which are also offering the same features. 
On these websites, you can easily get large varieties and genres of anime videos, movies, and shows from which you can choose the one which attracts you the most. Since these are torrent websites that contain most of the pirated content, therefore, you can face Animeultima not working problems without a proper setup of VPN, uTorrent, Tor Browser, etc while accessing Animeultima and alternative websites.
Moreover, Animeultima has taken the entertainment for anime watchers to the next level by releasing its own app, which makes the anime videos easily available, just a tap away. However, the Animeultima app has several bugs due to which users face several problems, most common of which is that it loads slowly and hangs in between. 
In order to fix not loading animeultima issues, you can try clearing the cache files stored on your device. For clearing cache, you have to go to your phone settings, then Apps & notification tab, there, tap on “All Apps” and select Animeultima from the list, and tap on “Storage and Cache” for clearing cache files which will hopefully solve your Animeultima not working problem.