How to Delete Kik Account Permanently?

Social media has been all over the place as there are tons of people who are accessing their social media account every day. Tons of great social media platforms offer great filters and features to give a great overall experience to the users.
Among these social media platforms, comes a great social media app, KIK. It has been around for quite a while now and has tons of great filters and features along with the feature that makes revealing your identity almost impossible.
But KIK has been receiving a lot of hatred recently which is why people are deactivating and deleting their accounts.
The major difference between deactivating your account and deleting your account is that once you delete your account, you will be erased from the database, while in deactivating, you can recover your data anytime that you want to. 
Here are some of the simple steps that you can use to delete your KIK account permanently.
Steps to delete KIK account permanently
  • Open your web browser and visit this link to send a link to your email, 
  • Open the link and then enter the correct information that is asked on the KIK deactivation website. Once you have done this, KIK will send you an email that will allow you to permanently delete your KIK account.
  • In case someone you know or a friend of yours has searched for sent messages to your account, your profile will be cached on your device which is why it may take a few days to disappear off their operating system.
  • Once it is done, no one will be able to find your username via the search bar.
  • You can even remove or uninstall the app from your device as most people would do.
Steps to deactivate a teen's account
  • You can see the username of the teen just by launching KIK which can be opened from the main chat list.
  • From there, you will need to click on the settings option that is on the top of your screen. You will be able to see both the username along with the display name.
  • You can also see the username of your teen's account in case you chat with your teen from your account. 
This way you can even delete the KIK account of your teen's account. 
For more info, you may contact the help and support center of KIK.